Nosongdoga(老松圖哥; 21century.exe) Nosongdoga(老松圖哥; 21century.exe) Nosongdoga(老松圖哥; 21century.exe)

Dance film ‘Nosongdoga(老松圖哥; 21century.exe)’ directed by Tae Eun Kim, have been shooting in Seokpajeong(石坡亭). Seokpajeong, the historic villa of Heungseon Daewongun(1820-1898), father of King Gojong in the late Joseon Dynasty, is located in Buam-dong. Backed with beautiful scenery of Mt. Inwang, Mt. Bugak and a small valley in front of the building, Seokpajeong bears the 140 years of the history of Korea. And Tae Eun Kim focuses on 600-year-old gnarled pine trees in front of Seokpajeong as the subject of this dance film.

trailer view (트레일러 영상 보기)

Choreography – Hyoung Nam Kim
Cast Myung – Hwan Ko
Producer – Imsang Ryuh
Associate Producer – Jiyong Hwang
Assistant Staff – Jun Hyun Park
Director of Photography – Young Cheul Kim
Editor – Tae Eun Kim
Sound – Santae Jin
Music Composer – Jun Hee Kim, Santae Jin
Kinetic Costume Designer – Eun Jin Kim
Special Effects Makeup – Ji Young Kim
Assistant Director – Shin Daehye, Yoo Sin Kim
Director – Tae Eun Kim

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